The Entrepreneur Masterclass Session By Vince Tan


For Anyone Who Wants To Start A Thriving Business, Grow Their Existing Business, Earn More, Work Less Hours and Have More Control Over Their Business and Life

10X Your Business with Vince Tan's Proven Business Blueprint, Learn How He Built His Company From Scratch To Become 60 Million Dollar Agency without Lots of Money.

Entrepreneur Masterclass
Date: 15th May 2019 (WED)
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: CITITEL HOTEL, Mid Valley

Discover The 3 Components in Starting & Building Multi-million Dollars Business Even If You Have Unoriginal Ideas, Limited Money Or Resources

1. Turn Your Idea Into A Massive,  Profitable Business Through Vince Tan's Proven Business Blueprint

Learn the step-by-step process from idea generation to a long-term successful, sustainable business, specially created to help entrepreneurs like you!

2. The "Investor-Friendly" Way To Structure Your Business Model To Make it Irresistible To Big-Money Investors

Learn to pitch your business to any investors and use these tips to maximize the valuation of your company!

3. Learn Vince's Tried & Tested System On Ensuring Your Business Idea Profits From Day 1

Be In the Green Zone Instead Of The Red Zone BEFORE you start your business!

Vince Will Be Sharing One More Bonus Lesson During Event, Register Now!

To Seasoned Entrepreneurs, Corporate Executives, and Aspiring Entrepreneurs Looking To Get Unstuck, 

I'm Vince Tan, and I am the co-founder and managing director of Shock Media Group, one of the fastest-growing digital agencies and web development companies in Malaysia.

With 15 years of experience in digital marketing, I generated almost $1 million from 4 online product launches in just 7 days and managed to build three companies from scratch to multi-million-dollar enterprises . 

I'm a serial investor and entrepreneur, and now spend most of my time speaking and training internationally in over 20 countries. In my years as an entrepreneur, I've learnt many lessons along the way to turn simple ideas into profitable businesses.

This is what I want to offer you, the opportunity to learn how you can TRULY launch a business that can allow you to quit your job, enjoy a higher standard of living with better income, and more importantly...

To Finally Turn That Business Idea You've Had In Mind Into A Reality!

The strategies and insights I will cover in my masterclass can only work if you're really passionate about doing this.

I will need 100% commitment from you, because it will take time and effort on your side in order for you to succeed as an entrepreneur.

And if you do promise me this, then my friend, you're at the right place and the right time! 

It is my honor and pleasure to be able to help move you in the direction to become a successful entrepreneur, because there was a time when I had the assistance from several mentors that empowered me to become who I am today.

Raving testimonials for vince tan

Michael Teoh, Founder of Thriving Talents says:

"He has helped us to grow our business into a multi-million dollar business, where we have expanded our corporate services and training footprint to across 40 countries."

Derek, Founder of WOBB says:

"Vince helped us developed our first prototype in the company, and he gave me really good input and advise that helped us right at the beginning to get us where we are today. WOBB most recently raised 1.7 million ringgit funding, based on a 15 million ringgit valuation""

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